This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

I hear other Christians say that we don't need Trump; we need God to lead this country if we are to have any hope of survival.  And I say, 'amen' to that. Others take a more fatalistic approach and say that prophecy will be fulfilled and there is nothing we can say or do to stop it. I say 'amen' to that as well with this disclaimer; it doesn't mean we should all head for the proverbial hills and not be about our Father's business in the meantime... which includes executing our God-ordained rights of self-government in America.  

Discernment tells me that many of these Christians, like the "Never Trump" crowd don't believe God would use a man like Donald Trump to be the President of this nation because....and there is no disputing the fact that...he doesn't exactly always exude good taste and upright morals. (Shocker, he is a sinner! At least he is in good company with the rest of us and would continue the streak of Presidents in America that were also sinners) 

Sarcasm aside he IS rough around the edges.  I get that.  I also know that I am too, and most of us are, though some are better at hiding it than others, but I digress. 

To Christians who may have that way of thinking I say first and foremost, consider King Nebuchadnezzar.  Have you read about that King that God ordained and how he ruled over the Babylonians? Honestly, compared to that heathen, Trump looks like George Washington. 
Maybe we should be careful in our thinking of who God can use to help lead a people.  Let's also not forget that God sent His Son to this earth 2000 years ago and had the nation of Israel not rejected their prophesied King, Jesus would have reigned from David's throne 2000 years ago.  Instead God in His Sovereignty had it all planned (eternal thanks is in order by the way) when that nation rejected the far and away most qualified person possible, the God-man Jesus Christ from being King, and instead plotted against and crucified the Lord of Glory between two thieves. Don't doubt that America or any other nation would not have done the same thing; it is what a mob of unregenerate and sinful men do when confronted with holiness and righteousness. 

Now, I have written all that to say this:  I am voting for another imperfect candidate for President again this cycle, like I have for every election cycle since I was 18  and I hope you consider joining me.  
At first I thought I would probably cringe when I vote for this imperfect candidate.  Now I am thinking he may be the best of all the imperfect candidates I have ever voted for, and I won't be cringing or voting just because almost anyone is a better choice that Hillary Clinton (not only who she is, but what she stands for; abortion on demand the deluxe addition, gun control, corruption, LGBT on steroids and mass immigration of God only knows who) but rather because he really is the far and away best Republican that the GOP put forward this cycle in my view

With her as President, we may be talking about the Obama presidency as the 'good old days'. 

I am beginning to consider that God might just use Trump and all his imperfection for such a time as this.

I also know that if he doesn't win in absolutely huge numbers, he will lose because the fix will be in, so we will need everyone we can get to do their part.  

Trump is an outsider and is no doubt seen by the establishment as someone who cannot win and ruin the momentum they have and what they have accomplished the last 8 matter what.   

Many, if not most American's have never seen Trump like he is represented in this video before. If you agree, maybe you know someone that needs to see and hear Trump years before he decided to run for the Presidency in order to persuade them so please consider passing the video along as I have here in an effort to persuade readers, performing my tiny role in our God-ordained self-governing process. 

After all ladies and gentlemen, the Republic as we have known it, is at stake. 

Patrick Henry

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