It is symbolic that the final death stroke for the historical American Republic came on July 5th of 2016. 

It is another example of the way the elite do things in the USA. It is another example of what they really think. The level of contempt shown for the American people, the rule of law and the legal process is beyond the pale. You have the AG Lynch playing the street slut with Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton plays the part of the pimp offering her a seat on the Supreme Court. You have the head of the FBI as a gangster out of the GodFather movie. You have that vile and evil thing called Hellary Clinton. And finally, we have our Marxist Traitor in Chief who put the fix in to avoid being deposed if Comey had actually upheld the law.

Let me be clear, the idea Hellary Clinton didn’t commit treason, perjury, obstruct justice and other felony crimes, which is what our corrupt AG and FBI head are now saying, is absolutely wrong. They know it is wrong; they don’t care because they want to maintain the status quo at all costs. I don’t think the status quo can be maintained any longer, especially with such an in your face decision. The entire basis for the rule of law in the United States just collapsed. The powers that be have lost what the  Chinese called “The Mandate of Heaven.” This was the foundation of all political and social rule and was a basic part of the people’s acceptance of the political class.

  When I was 11 years old, I saw the movie with Paul Scofield as Sir Thomas More in “A Man For All Seasons.” One of the scenes I remember most vividly, is the one where More’s potential son-in-law is talking about how he would chase Satan down if he had to cut every tree in England down.  I will never forget the reply that great English actor gave: “What will you do when Satan turns around?” 

The rule of law is now officially dead in the USA. The AG and FBI head have dealt the death stroke. We will have the law of the jungle now. We will have the “might is right crowd” fully in charge. After all, if Hellary Clinton can not only do the things she did, on the scale she did, using the power and positions she held, but do them with complete and utter legal impunity, then do not tell me the rule of law still exists in the USA. The elite can now do whatever they want to, at least until we began the summary executions. At this point, talk of Civil War Two is very much in play.

We are a society of fools, led by scum, and addicted to our vices of power, greed and corruption. The Clinton Crime Cabal, like the Bush Crime Cabal, or any of the other elite crooks in charge of the planet, are now running around like peacocks, strutting, crowing, and waving their tail plumes in a victory dance. I will tell them nothing since I no longer consider them a factor. I now know what they are. I know the FBI head is the lead criminal in the USA. I know the AG Lynch is little better than a street hooker. I know what the liberals are. I know what the Democrats are.

I now consider them all the enemy. I will not rant and rave. I will not whine or protest. I am now beyond all of that, I will prepare. I will plan. I will pray. I will no longer hope for myself, for America, for truth, or for justice. We are long beyond all of that. I will simply gather my thoughts, steel my will, and gird my groin for all that will now be unleashed. You see my vile, corrupt leaders you have forgotten one of the main lessons of history. If the law is corrupt, and if it is used to crush freedom and the common people, then the common people owe absolutely nothing to the system at all.

You see Imperial Scum, in the law of the jungle the survivors are not the apex predators. The true survivors are the scavengers, the vultures, the feral dogs, the cunning the ruthless and all those that wait for the lion to make the kill. Our Imperial Scum rulers are pounding their chests now that the AG whore and her FBI and Clinton Pimp’s have saved Hellary Clinton. They should not be celebrating. Beyond the braying of our mutant elite, our media whores, and man is Trump right about the whore media, I hear the howling from the gathering wolf packs.

One of the things our Imperial Scum has never understood is the most lethal, dangerous and ruthless people are not those with everything, or even anything to gain, but those who have nothing left to lose. The American people, or at least those who understand what the whore Lynch and her boytoy the FBI’s Comey did today, know exactly what I am talking about here. The rest of you I no longer care about.

Oh Lord, let that which is coming be unleashed. And let that which is due to happen as a result of what we have done, our leaders especially, let that happen without delay, or mercy, or compassion. Let us like Samson push on our pillars and bring everything called America into a state of judgment. Let the Imperial Scum find out what real power is all about when God answers our prayers.

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