In 1992 the infamous U.N. Agenda 21 was put into play at a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, exactly where the Olympics are currently being played.  Of course as of Sept. 2015 that plan was upgraded to what some are calling Agenda 2030.....the U.N. goal for much more strident regulations world-wide and not just their precious "sustainable development" with tentacles that already reach far and wide.   Hillary is certainly doing her part....W.E.

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It appears people don’t know who the Clinton Foundation works for or what it is. They are new world order sustainable development for the 21st century.  Agenda 21 right out of the Maurice Strong report to the UN Agenda 21 in Rio 1992.  Please click on the links and get informed as to how serious all this is and how deep and wide the web goes.

If you really want to know and understand why and how the Clintons get away with all their evil deeds…you must learn to read their own information that they put on the web for all the world to see.  They are key players of the very same establishment elite who are pulling all the puppet strings to bring about the coveted new world order and their puppet masters have them shielded to do their bidding.

“Last month, to celebrate the International Day of Biological Diversity commemorating the adoption of the Convention for Biodiversity in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Green Belt Movement, and the Kenya Forest – See more at:

Read the entire outline of the 1992 Rio Summit here:

A must watch video.

Maurice Strong  directs the U.N.’s Business Council on Sustainable Development. Under his leadership, the council tries to affect peoples’ lives through U.N. policies that attempt to reduce the availability of meat products; limit the use of home and workplace air conditioners; discourage private ownership of motor vehicles; encroach on private property rights; and work to reduce the number of single family homes. Among many, many more despicable things.

Oh, did I mention Maurice Strong is a Canadian?
Dianne Marshall

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