Something Big is Happening Worldwide! (Jason A. 2016-2017 EVENTS)

Very soon you will be asked/told to implant a chip in your body, for your own safety and security purposes. 
Very very soon you will be ridiculed and persecuted for believing "He created them, male and female". 
Both severe weather and planetary anomalies are continuing such as earthquakes and peculiar events like animal die-offs, strange noises and other unexplained phenomenon in the skies, moon, sun, stars. The narrative is and will continue to be global climate change....for which we will all, as citizens of the earth, be taxed. 
We are subtly being told through many media outlets that the peoples of the earth must unite as one in a world without borders. Very soon it won't be so subtle.  

This is the new normal.

" But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things." -Mark 13:23

Jason A

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