WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

Two months ago we were supposed to believe that John Ashe, the former President of the U.N. General Assembly was asphyxiated when he "accidentally" dropped a barbell on his neck.  Oh yeah, that was just before he was to testify in a court regarding Corrupt Hillary.  Just a coincidence I am sure.
Someone should check his Virginia jail cell and see who is really in it because a week later "Guccifer" the Romanian hacker who claimed to hack Hillary's illegal server multiple times was reported dead by the Christian Times.   
And the "hits" just keep on comin' ...... 

Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks:


On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich who was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family. 

Seth Rich’s father Joel told reporters, “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.” 

The Metropolitan police posted a reward for information on Rich’s murder.
Seth Rich Bloomingdale2

On Tuesday Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth rich.

Now this…

Julian Assange suggested on Tuesday that Seth Rich was a Wikileaks informant.

Via Mike Cernovich:
Julian Assange seems to suggests on Dutch television program Nieuwsuur that Seth Rich was the source for the Wikileaks-exposed DNC emails and was murdered.

assange rich
From the video:

Julian Assange: Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. As a 27 year-old, works for the DNC, was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.
Reporter: That was just a robbery, I believe. Wasn’t it?
Julian Assange: No. There’s no finding. So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.

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