After Reviewing Debate Tape, We Know How Hillary Cheated! You CANNOT Unsee This

Something is definitely up. Signals were almost certainly being sent by Hillary during the debate.  See for yourself.   Can we prove it? No. Nothing (as of yet) sticks against "crooked Hillary" anyway.  There have also reports that NBC dressed up an intern as a FEDEX driver and had him deliver the debate questions to the Hillary campaign a week early.  
We are talking here about the media conglomerate NBC, Hillary Clinton and the highest of stakes, nothing would be a surprise since they play for the same team. - W.E.


Two days after the most epic debate of all time between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Something just leaked to the press and we at Liberty Writers need help getting it to the public.

We all saw Lester Holt interrupt Trump 41 times and he avoided even question Hillary about Benghazi or her FBI criminal investigation.

*** So what really happened?

In this video, the user points out the many times Clinton seems to touch her face, usually on either side of her nose, with her index finger and shortly after the moderator jumps in to change the subject or divert attention.

After Hillary’s first hand signal, Lester jumps in to cut off Trump’s statement on the national debt and the government’s squandering of tax dollars.  Clinton then get’s in her “zinger”, claiming that maybe the government wouldn’t be in so much debt if Trump paid his federal taxes, implying that his tax returns hold some sort of “smoking gun” evidence of evasion.

The zinger falls short, however, with Trump jumping in and saying, “it would be squandered too”, breaking up Hillary’s little joke and making a valid point.


Critics may argue that Clinton was simply scratching her face, or making a random gesture, but from watching past debates she never touched her face before. In fact, if you watch any public appearance by Clinton, she rarely ever touches her face at all.

Hillary touches her face a total of 6 times in this debate, and although it may just be a “nervous tick”, since she’s never gone up against an opponent as aggressive as Donald Trump, it certainly was out of the ordinary for her.  It’s also glaringly obvious that moderator Lester Holt attempted to provide Hillary with an advantage during the debate, interrupting Trump a total of 41 times compared to only 7 for Clinton.

Professional poker player Mike Matusow, agrees with this assessment.
Be sure to keep an eye out for any “hand signals” in future debate performance with Hillary Clinton, and any assistance to follow from the moderator.

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