Full Event: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Novi, MI 9/30/16

The far-left corrupt media, also known as the mainstream media in this country, are now in FULL ATTACK MODE against Donald Trump.  

For example, they are currently going hog wild about the former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado who Trump apparently had some less than tasteful words for 20 years ago and Hillary brought it up during the debate.  But meanwhile, Hillary has called not just one person, but MILLIONS of Americans "Deplorable" and "Irredeemable", and black youth as "Super Predators" but the press has no tolerance for that side of the story. 

This is just one example of a sudden myriad of negative stories playing simultaneously in our living rooms, smart phones, laptops and everywhere that are, forgive the expression, trumped up. 

You will notice how the media across the country always seem to have a coordinated attack among themselves on an issue when they want to manipulate our thinking. 

In short, the media treat him like he is the one with a 30 year record of scandals and FBI investigations, not Hillary.  

So hopefully more Americans will hear the man speak and lay out his case in his own words, not siphoned through the media's spin cycle, thus this post.

Oh, one last thought that I can't resist adding.  As soon as Monday's debate was over, the media Elite's began to tell us how Hillary won the debate, no need to think for ourselves of course.  

No one commented on how unfair the debate was for Trump. No one commented on her many lies during the debate that should have disqualified her from anybody's idea of "winning", a very subjective thing in the first place. 

I knew right away that most of America would be sucked in by this type of mass manipulation as par for the course

Lo and behold, today "polls" came out and now the majority of American's supposedly thought Hillary won by a large margin.

I personally thought Trump came across as strong, informed, Presidential and with a better agenda to get America back on track.     


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