Nothing to See Here, Move Along...

 "If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships — the ability of all peoples, to live together, in the same world at peace."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Things just aren't what they seem...or rather, what we are constantly being lead to believe.
This is one more reason that we need a President that is an outsider...not another Globalist like Hillary Clinton that will continue the policies of regime change, creating and arming terrorist groups and black ops around the globe as the American media propaganda machine tell us that all of our wars are just wars for the sake of our freedom. (Then again, we can't be certain a President Trump will stop the shadow government inside the U.S. government.)

For decades the mainstream media has continuously lied to the American people over so many things, it is practically insane to think they tell us the truth regarding our participation in wars around the globe.  

After giving Iran, who we consider the world's leading terror state, over a billion dollars, I have to wonder who the real sponsor of terror is. 

When I consider Syria, and our insistence of regime change there, I often recall this letter written by a member of the Syrian Parliament in 2013 and sent to our Congress that I believe is worth the read if you have a minute.  Here is just one quote from that letter: 

It is still important that, we write to you as fathers and mothers, as members of families and communities which really are not so different to yours. Moreover, we write to you as human beings asking: if you bomb us, shall we not bleed?! The innocent people will be harmed.
Local tragedies become regional wars that led to global conflict because of the lack of communication among nations. We urge you to communicate with us through civilized dialogue rather than the language of fire and blood.

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