“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.”

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

 -George Orwell, 1984


Hillary Clinton and the progressives have resorted to labeling people who refuse to vote for her for President as obviously being bigots, calling them racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, and islamopbobic. 

This has been the Democrat strategy for years. I can recall when I wrote my first article on the Obamacare proposal in 2009 that led to the creation of this blog. I pointed out that the proposed legislation was unconstitutional, and would lead to disastrous consequences for our health care system.

          I received thousands of emails in response, and while the vast majority agreed with me many that did not weren’t claiming that my assessment was wrong, but instead accused me of being a racist for opposing anything proposed by a black President. Dividing Americans according to race, gender, and class has become the primary goal of the Democrats, but there is disturbing new trend during this election cycle, and that is dividing people according to education.

          How many times have you heard from the pollsters, political pundits, reporters, and other self-described experts that most Trump supporters are uneducated or undereducated, meaning they don’t have college degrees. I have heard this not just from the liberal establishment, but also from Republicans and media outlets like FOX News. These categorizations of Trump voters also often prefaced by references to these undereducated voters as being white males. These classifications indicate there are elements of both racism and sexism in the questions being asked by pollsters and the reporting of the results.  
          I have several concerns about all of this. How are the pollsters and the pundits arriving at these conclusions? I have been voting in Presidential elections for 57 years and only twice do I recall being contacted by a poll and asked who I was going to vote for. On neither occasion was I asked about my education. I am asking the readers of this article to let me know if you have been polled and were asked about your education, and if you responded to the question.

          If I had been asked I would have responded by telling the pollster that it was none of their business. I am an American citizen and by virtue of that fact I have the right to vote. I happen to have a college undergraduate degree and a law degree, but I totally reject the concept that this makes my vote more important than that of my neighbors who are ranchers, farmers, small business owners, or welders. Yet, that obviously makes a difference to the elitists, who view what they consider white men as the unwashed masses who must be controlled by an all-powerful government.

          However, the progressives also want to make sure that members of minority communities remain in the undereducated category so that they will consider themselves victims of so called “white privilege” who will therefore vote for Democrats who will take care of them.

          In addition, there is a further area of bigotry espoused by the progressives. Even if you have a college degree, you are still undereducated if you are white and your degree was not from and Ivy League school or another ultra-liberal high class university. Apparently, if you are not a graduate of Harvard or like-minded alleged institutions of higher learning you have not been properly indoctrinated in the progressive view of the world and must be barred from serving in government.

          This is the newest part of the ultimate elitism of Hillary Clinton and her Democrat cohorts, but of course it doesn’t apply to everyone. The Hollywood elite, most of who do not have college degrees but are famous, support Hillary and the Democrat Party, and donate lavishly are considered to be above the while males who don’t fall into the preferred categories. Members of the military and veterans have also been included among the people that Dems look down on.

          I can remember the comments made by writer Stephen King who basically told a group of high school students that if they didn’t get an education they might end up as dummies serving in the military in Iraq. Years later he apologized for the statement, but he was just basically summing up the left’s distain for the military and veterans. Hillary has vowed to help veterans during her campaign, but has also said that the problems with the VA were overstated and not that bad. In other words a few veterans dying from lack of care belongs with her lack of concern for the Americans who died in Benghazi. In the Clinton world “What difference does it make?”

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