We are living in historic and very perilous times. Wars and rumors of wars abound.  Deception is at an all time high with governments around the world willing to lie to their citizenry as the Banksters and Globalists loot the treasuries of the world's nations and re-shape the maps to borders they prefer to manage. 

Beyond the many deceptions is the mind-boggling hypocrisy they openly display to a dumbed-down populous.  Let me remind you that this dumbing down of America has been clearly documented as a deliberate process itself for decades and it is paying off dividends. Many actually could careless who is in power as if it won't affect them.  The truth is, the battle for America, and therefore the world is at stake.  Democracy is hanging by a thread.

Today we learned that as Julian Assange continues to expose Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Mainstream Media and of course the Clinton campaign WITH THEIR OWN WORDS, Assange no longer has an internet connection having been shut down by the Ecuadorean government, obviously pressured by the Obama administration.  Imagine the danger this man and his team are under.  How much longer will he be alive we must wonder?  

And just why isn't Donald Trump ahead by 50 points in the polls and Hillary already taken away in shackles? Because the patients are running the asylum. 

I have said it before and I will keep saying it; this isn't an election, it is regime change. The shadow government behind it all, understands how to influence elections, take out leaders and put in their puppet governments very well.  They have been doing it for decades around the world and this go around their target is Donald Trump out, Hillary Clinton installed. The will of the people be damned. 

Thank God, many are waking up. We must keep fighting. And as important, keep praying.

So far they haven't cut off our internet. -W.E.

C. Ervana

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