Hillary Called Black Servant the 'N-Word' Claims Former Clinton Chef

Should we believe the word of a former Clinton Chef that she is a racist? 
I have no idea if the man is lying, being paid to lie or is just seeking attention.  
It is just his word against hers. It therefore isn't worthy of national news especially this late in the election cycle. 
Then again, some 10 women less than a month before the November election all with only their word against Trumps word are paraded all over national television as well as headlines around the world.  Why is it that we haven't heard about this equally provocative story then?  If the media were fair, and didn't have a dog in the hunt, they would have this as a lead story for three weeks based on how they treat the Trump accusers. But of course, they are an arm of the Democratic Party, and not Journalists. 
 Listen to the Chef and decide for yourself.
Paul Joseph Watson

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