Hillary Staffer Caught Planting Questions to MSNBC

For Hillary, all the world is a stage, and her performances are perfectly crafted and scripted Her Executive Producers included CNN, NBC, CBS, the NY Times, Washington Post
Her show is both Funded and Directed by the likes of George Soros, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros and Media conglomerates like Time Warner.  

The lead up to the main performance and possibly the final act of the "Grand Experiment" known as America will be on Nov. 8th.  If Hillary comes out to take a bow at shows end, it will be a show stopper for what might have been America's last chance to end corruption and give America a chance to be "great again". -W.E.

 Hillary's Townhall in Haverford PA Where She Stages Question with Child Actor

Mark Dice

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