Leftist Hypocrisy and the Mainstream Media's Alternate Reality

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cummin, and have neglected the weightier provisions of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness; but these are the things you should have done without neglecting the others. "You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel!" -Matthew 23:23-24

It is the hypocrisy that I find spectacularly stunning. 

Watching or reading the mainstream media during the final stretch of Election 2016 is akin to living in an alternate universe; there is nothing to it resembling reality.   

Many of us have been aware that A LOT of our national leaders are corrupt and things have continued to degrade since at least Richard Nixon. 

Nixon I would remind you, resigned because of 18 minutes of recordings that were deleted.

Hillary Clinton stands proudly and contemptuously before the nation running for the highest office in the land, no shame having deleted and bleached 33,000 emails as if to announce, "what difference does it really make anyway"? 

And the complicit media, concurs. 

The mainstream media, working as we now know via Wikileaks and our own eyes and ears in lockstep with the Democratic Party, has marketed their October Surprise to voters using the vulgar words of Donald Trump 11 years ago and then a follow up media blitz of two (or is it now three alleged and debunked women, who is counting the smears?) women "suddenly" turning up saying the Billionaire was "like an octopus" with groping hands.
But this isn't just a dirty video and two women.  This is HYPER-SENSATIONALIZING their manufactured October surprise as if Donald Trump is evil incarnate and his Democratic opponent is above the fray, almost sinless and certainly angelic. 

So, are we now at the point where America shouldn't vote Trump for President, because he is just too immoral?  Because this is, bare bones, the accusation from the left. 

This is the non-stop narrative they are trying to condition the nation with; his moral lapse is just too appalling. In fact, it is so appalling they must report on it virtually 24/7 without perspective, only condemnation. 

And the Republican Elite are equally as moral and able to look down their noses at Trump and by association We The People, his "Deplorables". 

But if we are to judge these two candidates from a human perspective on whose immorality is the most egregious, perhaps we should consider the morality of Hillary and the Elite: 

Are Trump's vulgar words and unproven actions towards women more immoral than ripping apart a baby growing in it's mother's womb?  How about during the 3rd Trimester of a viable baby as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many on the Left support? 

Are Trump's vulgar words and unproven actions towards women more immoral than Hillary Clinton standing before the nation and decrying the 911 attack on Benghazi was because of a You-tube video all the while knowing and admitting it was an al-Qaeda attack in now hacked emails she sent to Chelsea Clinton and the Prime Minister of Egypt? To boot, she was behind the unauthorized sending of weapons to terrorist groups in Libya, hence the cover up.

Are Trump's vulgar words and unproven actions towards women more immoral than Hillary Clinton showing complete disregard to the National Security of the United States of America by actually pushing an agenda to allow an additional 500% in increase on Syrian refugees when our own FBI, NSA and Homeland Security say they cannot be vetted and we have no idea how many could be ISIS Jihadists? 

Are Trump's vulgar words and unproven actions towards women more immoral than Hillary Clinton
completely disregarding the law and setting up an illegal email server, and when caught, telling lie after lie about it? Including deleting and bleaching 33,000 emails on that server after being served a subpoena? 

Are Trump's vulgar words and unproven actions towards women more immoral than Lawyer Hillary Clinton defending a pedophile that raped a 12 year old girl into a coma, and then laughing at how she basically got the pedophile off.  This of course included a courtroom nightmare for the young girl and accusations that she "liked older men". 

Are Trump's vulgar words and unproven actions towards women more immoral than Hillary Clinton's mean-spirited vicious attacks against victims of her husband's sexual abuse? 


According to the mainstream, corporate and complicit media, yes, all of the many Hillary scandals that are not just words, but actions that have: 

  • Killed our own servicemen and Ambassadors
  • At the very least, jeopardized our National Security 
  • Drastically increased the suffering of a child rape victim
  • Lied to Congress and the FBI
  • Told a blatant lie to America's face and maintains that lie even in the face of contrary evidence.

They believe they are less immoral than Donald Trumps words and the accusations of a few women and therefore they are justified in crucifying Trump.  

Her attack against millions of American's as "deplorable", "irredeemable" and a "bucket of losers in a Goldman Sachs speech apparently less newsworthy than words about a handful of people. 

In other words, there is an alternative universe, and the Mainstream and Social Media is pumping it into our living rooms, cell phones, tablets and newspapers across the nation non-stop.  

Joseph Goebbel, Hitler's Propaganda Minister would be jealous
Reminds me in part of a familiar story in scripture:  Matthew 27:21

“Which of the two do you want me to release for you?” And they said, “Barabbas.”

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