Proof: The Russians Aren’t Responsible for Wikileaks


The Hillary Clinton campaign has been desperately attempting to pivot from incriminating Wikieaks releases proving she sold access to the state department, colluded with the corporate media, has differing policy positions for private donors, believes in a dystopic world government and is beholden to globalist oligarch and Nazi collaborator George Soros.

In an effort to distract the public from the truth (unearthed by Wikileaks hero Julian Assange) – the Clintons and their surrogates have concocted a Russian conspiracy: Vladimir Putin is hacking the DNC and he might even rig the election!

Wait a minute, I thought only cooky conspiracy nut jobs referred to rigged elections?

Regardless of the corporate media spin and the globalist establishment’s failed attempt at hiding Hillary’s criminal activity, the truth is, zero Russian state actors are responsible for Wikileaks’ findings.

UK Ambassador Craig Murray shared the following intel after visiting with Assange:
Furthermore, Assange hinted that former Democratic party staffer Seth Rich, 27, was responsible for leaking emails on former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz colluding with the Clinton campaign to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

He was later found dead on a sidewalk as a result of multiple gunshot wounds to the head.
At the debate Wednesday night, voters did not want to hear Hillary’s Russian conspiracy. 

The Democratic presidential nominee’s approval rating dropped sharply following her anti-Putin tirade.

The left’s new brand of McCarthyism is aimed at manufacturing fear and distrust of the Russian government for the purpose of engaging Putin and possibly sparking a nuclear war.  Such rhetoric isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous.

Hillary’s legacy could hinge on whether she can discredit Assange by framing the Russians and drumming up support for increased military aggression against Putin, it has become abundantly clear that the former secretary of state will go as far as starting World War 3 in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

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