Dear Blacks, Latinos & Gays

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Trump is not a racist no matter how bad the left try to twist the truth in order to undermine first his campaign and now his Presidency.... to take the position that he is, is actually foolish and that is the succinct message in the video below.

Progressives need issues to fire up the uninformed masses and discredit conservatives in order to affect social change and so they invent racism as one of their favorite tools, where there is no racism to try and do this and have done so for decades. They have taken this strategy to new heights when it comes to Trump and now just about anyone he selects or thinks of selecting for his Cabinet.  And by social change they really mean socialism. And by socialism the Progressive Elites at the very top really mean communism.

Come to think of it, they have taken this strategy to new heights under the Obama administration in general.

Know this: There is nothing Progressives will not do or say to destroy the "three C's" as I like to call them and these are;  the Constitution, Capitalism and Christianity, not necessarily in that order.  Nothing.

This is why right after Trump's victory some on the left sounded a lot more like ISIS than your average liberal.  There is a spirit behind the veil of modern Liberalism and as of late it has reared its ugly head.

Do not mistake this post as me defending what possibly might be a liberal or possibly libertarian position by Trump on gay marriage and the gay agenda overall.

The way I interpret the President-Elect's position, and I certainly could be wrong about this, is that it is settled- that is until he has a couple of hand picked Supreme Court Justices put into place and until then, why stir a hornets nest?  And that yes, he wants to treat all people fairly under the law as written in our constitution, not as interpreted by activist judges.

All I think most fair-minded American's want is for our fellow citizen-neighbors to do what they want to in their private lives, that it is between them and God.

Right up until it becomes something that affects our lives and our morals and our children's lives and the values we have sought to pass down to them.


Paul Joseph Watson

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