The King Maker

 ..."the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will." -Daniel 4:32b
 "...that the most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will." -Daniel 5:21b

One word comes to mind, and it is a word that can't be ignored and shouldn't be forgotten:


Yes, the defeat of the Clinton machine and the victory of an outsider, flawed as he is- is a stunner. It is a complete repudiation of the Elitism in this nation. 

Consider what just happened: 

  • Counted out from the beginning, Donald Trump was the last man standing in a field of 18 Governors, Senators and a former First Lady and Secretary of State.
  • Not unlike an American "Brexit", voters rose up, and voted against the wicked but powerful "Clinton-machine" in record breaking numbers.
  • The Trump campaign was outspent by hundreds of millions of dollars 
  • Ridiculed and incessantly lied about for 1.5 years by the corporate liberal media often clear lies designed to deceive, other times implied or lies of omission, and often by the deception of simply speaking with assumptions that Trump could not win and was unfit to hold office, the fix was clearly in and Trump new it and called them all out.
  • Pollsters, pundits and other "experts" told all of America day after day that Trump would lose. More evidence of a rigged election.
  • Trump's own party elites rejected their Presidential nominee by word and deed, the GOP choosing to NOT spend money in the election of Trump. 
  •  All of the money, influence, deception and cheating of the dishonest king-breaker George Soros could not stop the Trump train.

A non-politician stepped into the political machinations of America, chose a honorable Christian running mate in Mike Pence, and defied all of the odds against him in a thoroughly corrupt political and media establishment.  Make no mistake, this was David vs. Goliath.

All the talk of the American people being sick and tired of the direction of this nation is true.  
But defeating evil doesn't just happen.  

Millions prayed and God heard our prayers. 

I have been saying for many years that Presidents are selected and not elected.  But I have also always offered this caveat- "but God".   

It is the Lord that is the ultimate king-maker. 

And now there is hope for America. 

To God be the Glory. 


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