Why Do We Have the Electoral College?

For the 2.4 million kool-aid drinkers that supposedly in just three days signed a petition to dump Trump, via changing the Electoral College laws and hand the victory to Hillary, umm....that's not going to happen.  Only Socialists could decide that AFTER Trump wins the election...which was rigged against him in many ways, but I digress.. find it absolutely okay to sign a petition to change the laws and put their candidate into office instead. Yes, they think they can actually justify that.  
Moving right along....
I will go ahead and cede that New Hampshire will go to Hillary if they ever decide to count the rest of the votes up there.  Michigan on the other hand, though unannounced as of this moment, is finally showing 100% of votes counted, and Trump has apparently won that state.
This makes Hillary the winner of 20 states out of a possible 52.  Trump has then won the other 32. I can't find the total count of county by county victories, but judging by the maps we have seen, red vs. blue county vote totals are pretty overwhelming. 
Not exactly fair to award the Presidency to someone who carried 12 less states than the winner using the same logic as Hillary supporters.  
California is a bastion of Liberalism while being the richest state in terms of population, congressional representation and of course electoral college votes (55).  This makes it very hard for Republican's to win there for probably the next generation.  It would not be fair for the the rest of the red states and red counties to be subjected to the whims of California voters, or voters in a handful of states.  This is part of the genius of the Founders and their idea to allow all states to have a say in their new Union. 

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