Obama Purposely Tries to Provoke Trump (Video)

One thing is certain; Barack Hussein Obama is publicly embarrassing and provoking the President-Elect in an unprecedented manner. 

Wisely Trump is remaining tempered for now.

The question that no one is asking but perhaps should be asked; Would Barack Obama and the Left go so far as to create a crisis in the minds of the country, such as the Russians hacked the Presidential Election, for them to garner enough support and understanding in the nation that declaring Martial Law until a new election can be held seems like the best and only lawful "solution"? -
 One form of the Hegelian Dialectic is Problem – Reaction – Solution in other words, a Psy-op.   

They wouldn't even need the whole country to fall for it in order to justify voiding the election and using Martial Law to do so. Marxists don't care, they know best. The media can make it seem like a sizeable majority are agreeable to the idea of letting Obama stay in office until a new election could be held and they may be good enough for them to help justify it. 

Will he declare Martial Law and BLAME RUSSIA....with no proof of alleged hacks?  
What is the real endgame in all of this or is it simply to make Trump look weak in front of the Electoral College electors or undermine him as an illegitimate President during his whole term in office?

May I suggest that perhaps they are willing to throw EVERYTHING against the wall and see what sticks? Nothing should surprise us when it comes to Barack Obama and the Democrats. 

First, it is VITAL to completely grasp what the truth is behind the media narrative and the Obama/Clinton narrative is right now concerning the idea of Russia hacking the election.  Paul Joseph Watson sums it up nicely:

Next it is important to understand Obama's changing rhetoric against Trump and the very idea that the Election could have been rigged.  Remember that it did not seem remotely possible to Obama, Hillary or any of the Establishment that Hillary could lose in November

Obama laughed at Trump over the very idea in August that the election could be rigged calling it "ridiculous" and " of course the elections will not be rigged": 

Then even about a month ago....just before the elections, he double-downed on this same line of thought....mocking and ridiculing Trump.   I am sure it was meant to be preemptive posturing for Trump NOT to fight the election results once Hillary won:

Now, just days before the Electoral College electors will vote, Obama speaking through his Press Secretary makes OUTLANDISH and BS claims for over 6 minutes that Trump "called on Russia to hack his opponent, he called on Putin to hack Secretary Clinton" when clearly they realize Trump made a sarcastic joke:

So now we are witnessing a "full court press" by the media....who are little more than an arm of the Democratic Party to sway the public into believing that Trump should not be President because according to their narratives;  

#1 There are protestors on the streets and people all over the country who are unhappy about a Trump Presidency. 

#2 He did not win the the popular vote and so he shouldn't be POTUS. 

#3 "Fake news" was a culprit in determining the outcome of the Election...not corrupt and lying Hillary.

Which brings us to narrative #4

The Election was hacked probably by the Russians, probably with Trump's knowledge and a new Election should be held.  

That is where I think this is going, where they hope it goes if everything "sticks".    

And Barack Obama is just the fake President to attempt this. 

But take heart, if they try to force Trump out via Martial Law....they will greatly fail. 

I truly believe that God answered the prayers of the people in November, and only HE can overturn it.

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