We Are Watching The Long Game to Total Censorship Play Out

There has long been a war on the truth inside of the mainstream media. It escalated during the eight years of Obama, then sprang to greater more desperate deception during the election season and has sunk to a whole new low of lies, disinformation and fomenting of violence since Hillary lost. They have put too much time and effort into their precious "new world order" to let a Donald Trump Presidency stop them.  Buckle up, because the radical Left, inspired by their infamous "first rebel, Lucifer" are capable of literally anything.   

"Fake News" and "Alt-Right" are two terms that have suddenly been thrown into the mainstream which isn't by mistake, but follows the normal course of how the Left never lets a good crisis go to waste. They are simply employing the tried and true Hegelian Dialectic;  Problem-Reaction-Solution.

FYI ...there are some in the alternative media, like in this video, that we should be careful that the whole Pizza-Gate story is a "psyop" or psychological operation. 
In my view it is possible, if not likely however, that Pizza-Gate isn't a set up at all for alternative media but rather "fake news" and "alt-right" reports are partially a way to cover up Pizza-Gate and other earth shattering revelations of Wikileaks with the added bonus of shutting down freedom of speech on the internet.  -W.E.

Warning: Language:

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