Graphic Video: White Man Tortured on Facebook Live By Black Anti-Trump Gang

Imagine the vicious outrage if this had been a young black special needs man... beaten, cut, made to drink toilet water and forced to curse Obama...the riots across the nation would have started already and continued for weeks until near half of their own neighborhoods were burned to the ground. The media would have been fanning the flames decrying bigoted America.  George Soros funded socialist terror groups like Black Lives Matter would be preparing the buses to roll into several large cities to further the chaos. Obama would have already addressed the nation, lecturing white people to stop being racists. Cops would be on high alert to protect us all, even as they are targeted.  

Meanwhile, the prophecy continues to be fulfilled..."And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax [grow] cold." - Matthew 24:12

The Alex Jones Channel

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