2-mile long crack found in Arizona desert raising chance of earthquake hitting southern California to 75%

Enormous 44-kilometre-long crack appears in Antarctica's Brunt ice shelf forcing British research team to leave

4-inch global sea-water rise expected as 10% of the Larson C ice shelve prepares to break away


7.3 SSE of Tabiauan, Philippines is the third major quake of 2017

8.4 magnitude earthquake (reduced to a mag 7.9) rocks Papua New Guinea! It's the biggest quake of the year so far

Absolutely astonishing growth of major earthquakes in just one hundred years

Deepest Quake in Recorded History has Struck/Magma Layer

Quake swarm at Brawley Seismic Zone at California-Mexico border doesn’t stop and gets scientists’ attention

Mystery booms:

Mysterious "booms" and a large glowing ball in the western sky have San Diego residents worried

Mystery booms compilation for 2016


Federal government issues a disaster declaration for Alaska's pink salmon fishery but the true amount of dying marine and bird life in the area recently is astonishing

Japan's largest coral reef is now 90% bleached


17 volcanoes are currently erupting around the world

Energetic earthquake swarm detected at Takawangha volcano (Alaska) – Alert levels risen – No historical eruptions known

Hawaii Volcanoes had the most spectacular New Year’s Eve show

It’s the second biggest volcano in Europe and Northern Africa! Activity on Mount Etna Volcano, Sicily, Italy

Mount Paektu in North Korea showing signs of activity


Deadliest US tornado outbreak since 1969 exceeds entire 2016 death toll in two days

Major storm hits California and Nevada, significant flooding expected

Major winter storm Jupiter hits central US with ice

Powerful storms batter California and Pacific Northwest

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