#pizzagate: A Primer


I don't know what to write here exactly. This isn't easy to watch or even post. I have posted on this subject before, but this is the best, most concise video I have seen to date.
If you have heard that this is a conspiracy theory that was debunked....you should check your sources.  You should also watch this and draw your own conclusion afterwards. 
There is a lot here and much of it defies the critics cries of "fake news" and "conspiracy theory". A lot of the talk in the media today is about the "Russian hacking" of our election. What they are mainly referring to is what was exposed by Wikileaks. I can't help but wonder if there isn't a "full court press" to shut down Wikileaks and distract from the information that was leaked because it is just too damning to be allowed to wander around in the public consciousness for too long and fester. The lasting image is not a good one.


#pizzagate is real and the amount of evidence is staggering and mountainous.  

We the people have a moral obligation to speak out and discuss this, holding those accountable for perpetuating this madness. This video is my small contribution to help those who may not be familiar with all the intricacies of this investigation.
For many of you, this video will be nothing new, for others it will be a complete shock. Those of us who do spend our time researching things of this magnitude often tend to live in a bubble. Our online world becomes an echo-chamber and we often don't realize how little so many people know, especially those entrenched in the narrative pushed by the major news media. On this subject, I found the bifurcation of ignorance and knowledge fairly wide and so I gave my hand at summing up the accusations and evidence in the most concise, straight forward and honest way I could.

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