Trump Inauguration: ATTACK OF THE LIBERALS!!! EPIC!!! {{Purge-REMIX}}

To listen to the Leftist media, you would think that their are no crime problems in this nation, no violence, no corruption from our politicians, no serious economic issues for American families and that our military is strong, our reputation around the world, pristine.  To admit the truth would be to admit that their savior, Barry Soetoro, did not save America as they want to claim and that his radical policies haven't worked. It would mean to admit that Liberalism does not work.   -W.E.

"But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.
This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.
We are one nation -- and their pain is our pain. Their dreams are our dreams; and their success will be our success. We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.
The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans." 
- Donald Trump Inaugural Address, 1-20-17

SoulJa Of GOD

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