A Major Purge Is Happening in the Secret Service-Trump is Firing Traitors, Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Party Supporters

With Secret Service Agents like her, who needs assassins?

This article is the first in a several part series which will expose the fact that a major shake up, A MAJOR DRAINING OF THE SWAMP, is going on inside various Federal agencies.  

President Trump is attempting to drain the swamp of the Obama/Clinton holdovers who are acting as moles and 5th column agents inside of the Federal government. Make no mistake about it, these traitors to the Republic are dedicated to the overthrow of the Republic, as we know it.

President Trump appears to be wise to the threat to his administration and the American people as a whole.

 President Trump’s Greatest Threat

Shortly after the election, I wrote that the greatest threat to President Trump would come from mid-level managers in the Federal government who were still loyal to Obama and Clinton.
I am in the middle of breaking a major story on possible State Department coverups with regard to obfuscating information related to child-sex trafficking within the United States. I will be reporting on this State Department fiasco in a future article. The remainder of this article will deal with a purge going on inside the Secret Service.

President Trump is Draining the Swamp the Secret Service

Do you remember the case of Secret Service agent, Kerry O’Grady (pictured above), who said in a Facebook post that she would not take a bullet for then candidate Trump. She identified herself as an ardent Hillary suppoter.  She is the poster child for the trash that the Obama administration left behind. I believe that she is also the impetus for the draining of the swamp at the Secret Service. After three months of being allowed to stay on the job after her treasonous post under Obama, she has been suspended. It would appear that some of her superiors are being fired and that this is the beginning of a purge at the Secret Service.
Reporter Steve Clemons tweeted the following regarding a very recent purge going on at the Secret Service:

Not clear 2 @SecretService staff why they were abruptly forced 2 resign 2nite. individually terminated, escorted out #secretservice 1/3
The dismissed @SecretService staff now learning others also let go as they connect after the dismissals. Not sure total number fired 2/3
One of fired @SecretService Mgrs speculates #Trump is restructuring the service but this is speculation #secretservice 3/3″

It’s now 1:45amET Friday in DC & this @SecretService story unfolding now. Ive posted all I know. I am heading to DC imminently from Tokyo
@justintheserver @severud @SecretService no one has written anything yet. My source are those forced to resign.
@ChrisJeter @SecretService will be important to hear whole story. I’ve called Secret Service and White House. No response as of yet.”
In an interesting twist of fate, Steve Clemons retracted his earlier tweets saying that he had made an erroneous report. Who does he think he’s kidding and how stupid does he think we are? He said directly, in one of the tweets that his source was one of the fired Secret Service agents. That leaves no margin for error. So we are now supposed to believe that the fired Secret Servece agent made it up? Or that Clemons does not know a Secret Service agent from cyber security personnel that have also been fired? The White House is calling the firings as consisting of removing cyber security personnel.  This retraction is not believable. There is indeed a major purge going on in the Secret Service. Clemons tweets were progressively more detailed which indicates he was following a breaking story. And, as I said, when his source is one of the Secret Service agents, there is no room for misinterpretation.
This is the retraction of a reporter who does not want to lose White House access.


The handling of the purge at the Secret Service gives us a clue on the Trump Administration is going to deal with Pizzagate as it unfolds. The justice handed out will not terribly public, but very private. President Trump is being careful not further erode the public’s trust in government, because he needs the people to believe in government, his government, so that he can get the support that he needs from the public to keep a bought and paid for Congress in line.
Finally, do you have any idea why President Trump is starting with the Secret Service? The answer is simple. He knows his life is in extreme danger.

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