This Will Change Everything We Know.. (2017-2018 EVENTS)

I rarely miss posting a weekly video from You-tuber Jason A..  It seems that in putting together his videos, he is putting together a weekly sermon with his pulse on the heartbeat of the change coming over the globe. Change that is often masked as good, but just beneath the veneer he exposes a shadow of prophetic and evil.
If we think that Donald Trump or any man is going to stop the careening and speeding locomotive often called the new world order I have bad news for you.  A man or a government perhaps may temporarily slow it down as the Lord wills, but the true force behind the NWO is from the spirit realm.   

I don't think it is far off to say there is more in one of his 12 minute videos than in a full week of MSM news.   In my view this current one, just like his past two have been spot on.  -W.E.

Watch last week's excellent Jason A. here

Jason A