Alex Jones Acquiesces to Alefantis, Broadcasts Apology to Comet Ping Pong for Covering Pizzagate

David Brock, the puppet of Soros, back in the news.  To force Alex Jones to apologize like this....the man must have caved due to fear of 1000 litigators up his back side and taking everything he has built.  This is how the thugocracy works, this is how it shuts things down and silences free speech.  -W.E.


The head conspiracy theorist has surrendered to a cadre of heavy hitting D.C. lawyers, employed by the humble pizza parlor keeper, James Alefantis.

Earlier this week, Alefantis' former gay lover, David Brock from Media Matters and Shareblue, suffered a heart attack. Today, Alex Jones had a change of heart, especially in light of recent events that has placed in Facebook's fake news genre and Adroll refusing to do business with him -- likely due to his political leanings and fake news label, placed on him by the leftist media.

Here's Jones apologizing several times to James Alefontis and Comet Ping Pong and anyone else he might've offended.

This video is, all of a sudden, trending on Youtube -- #28 and rising.

It's over.

Here is one of the more prominent Pizzagaters, David Seaman, responding to Jones' apology.

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