FINALLY! Sean Spicer Exposes Hillary's Russian Connection to the Fake Socialist Media!

Ever ask yourself why the media never questioned Hillary or Obama on a whole host of communist ties?  Ever wonder why Hillary could speak out in support and admiration of the racist Planned Parent founder Margaret Sanger or the criminal George Soros and NEVER be questioned?   The answer is obvious for anyone who cares to take a look;  the socialist media loves them too!

Today the lying socialist media will NOT report the truth that it is the Democrats that have REAL questions to answer regarding Russian collusion.  Hillary signed off on allowing the Russians to buy 20% of our uranium....that is a lot of nuclear material to sell off to a nation that the Democrats are now screaming about trying to undermine America.  And exactly why wouldn't the DNC allow the FBI to look at their servers if they were so concerned about hacking? What were they hiding?  Of course to me, the biggest question that never gets asked is why does the Democrat's political platform and agenda align itself almost exactly with that of the Communist Party USA?  

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