RYANCARE and the GORSUCH shocker!

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RyanCare went down the tubes today and so, "good-bye and good riddance!" 

A bill that was 7 years in the making crashed and burned for all the nation and all the world to see.  Great job to the Repub's! 

Still, some are saying they were too rushed.  They needed another 7 years apparently. 

The media and conservatives alike barely flinched at the idea that the Republican's were behind an onerous government program which was going to give a large amount of power to the HHS Secretary.  Apparently, someone has gone and moved the Overton window.(Again)

And the bill wasn't exactly shrinking the size of government, so I am not sure what conservative value we were all supposed to embrace and get behind.  

I am sorry that Trump supported a big government program, but of course he said he would on the campaign trail, never talking about a free market solution that I can recall.
I knew, like probably many people, when I voted for Trump there would be things he does (or says) that I wouldn't really like, but there was so much TOO LIKE and at time in our nation when I thought we needed a "bull in the china-shop" type of President and I still do. 

It's just a shame that the Republican's in Congress are far more to the left than maybe we cared to admit before this.

And thank God for the Freedom Caucus.

We are only 62 days into his Presidency and Obamacare is imploding all over itself and the nation meaning there will probably be another chance at this thing and if so, maybe it will be different.

Maybe not. 

Certainly if not done before the next Congressional election in 2018, seats will likely change and some of which are likely to be poached by the Dem's.

I heard good ol' liberal Bob Beckel gripe a couple hours ago that not even a single Republican in Congress voted for Obamacare so why, he moralized should any Dem's have voted for the Republican health care plan?

To which I say, HAHAHAHA....is that really the argument Dem's are going to use?

I don't think the Republican's would have voted to set sail on the Titanic knowing it was going to sink either! Why vote in the affirmative for an upcoming disaster? Let's all pray Bob hasn't fallen off the wagon again.

Now the shocker of all shockers, Senator Lindsey Graham said and did something even conservatives can actually applaud!  I immediately had to look out my window and to see if a flock of pigs might be flying by.  

The shocker isn't that Gorsuch is more than qualified by anyone's standards, the shocker is that Lindsey Graham defended him so well.

This was really good starting at about the 3 minute mark-

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