Big Win for Pro-lifers: 24 Abortion Clinics Shut Down in Texas

While this is great news and every victory saves lives, not great news in Minnesota:  

Minnesota Taxpayers Have Been Forced to Fund 77,000 Abortions Costing $23.5 Million



Pro-life activists say a Texas law overturned by the Supreme Court last year saved thousands of unborn baby's lives.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, Texas closed 24 abortion clinics while House Bill 2 was in place.

The law required each abortion clinic to meet basic heath and safety standards. If the clinics didn't meet those standards, they got shut down.

That's what happened to more than 20 abortion clinics in Texas.

Even though the Supreme Court overturned the law last year, it still dramatically lowered the number of abortions happening in Texas.

Abortions have gone down 20 percent overall in Texas and even more in specific Texas counties.

"Less than a year after the bill passed, only six of the state's 254 counties still had an abortion provider," the journal reported.

While some abortion clinics are slowly reopening in Texas, pro-life activists believe House Bill 2's effects will be felt for a long time.