Michael Savage Reminds Us What Trump Has Accomplished So Far


After criticizing Trump's swagger a last week for enjoying a 'beautiful' chocolate cake with China's President Xi Jinping before informing him the USA was lobbing 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria, radio host Michael Savage has slipped into a rare spell of optimism - spelling out Trump's accomplishments thus far:

So while concessions have clearly been made to the 'deep state' over Syria and NATO - perhaps to fend off the ongoing Russophobic witch hunt by the neocons, Savage laid out more than a few examples of things moving in the right direction. Perhaps the flip-flops are just "art of the deal: DC edition," where compromise is necessary to gain political capital. Trump isn't a dictator, after all. That said, the whole Jared / Ivanka / Dina Powell / Gary Cohn / McMaster infiltration will continue to be troublesome - especially if Bannon is ever out of the picture. We didn't vote for liberal advisors and regime change - and the usual suspects seem to be quite pleased with Trump's Goldman Sachs and Petraeus-connected staff. 

Hopefully Trump will be able to add to his list of campaign promises without being pulled further into the swamp.