Why the Left is Wrong About Trump’s First 100 Days #MAGA!

What he has done has been impressive when looking at the numbers.  Not perfect, there have been stumbles and things that even conservatives disagree with, but still certainly impressive.  Especially considering THIS Congress and THIS lying socialist media fighting him every step of the way.
What should be highlighted in any list of his accomplishments is the President keeping his promise to add a conservative to the Supreme Court.  The addition of any new Justice on the High Court alters it for possibly a generation.  Just imagine for a moment the nightmare scenario for this nation if Hillary's nominee, whomever that would have been would have gotten in? We would be saying goodbye to the Bill of Rights about now. Thank God that is not the scenario we find ourselves in.   
Trump's selection of Gorsuch alone has made in my view, his first 100 days a rousing success, and perhaps saved this nation... which does not exist without the constitution and those who interpret it as it was originally intended.  
But he has done so much more...and has so much more to do.  -W.E.

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