Globalized, Centralized, Compacted: They Cull the Population to Make Us Rely on Government


With each step forward, the powers-that-be are controlling us more and more, reducing the population and forcing people to rely upon a centralized, collective government.

More on Strong cities below ("Strong" as in Maurice Strong the U.N. globalist and Rockefeller mouthpiece perhaps? )

VIOLENT EXTREMISM? Strong Cities Network, the U.N. and the New World Order

Some important background on Agenda 21 from a Whistle-blower that is about as Orwellian as Orwell could imagine: 

Some interesting nuggets from someone that was not only at the Rio at the '92 U.N. Summit, but also married to a U.N. figure with some degree of how the globalists work around the world to redesign the worlds nations and their socialist agenda. This gets ever  more interesting as it goes on. -W.E.

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