No Money for Trump’s Wall: + 6 Other GOP Issues Missing From Massive Spending Bill

In this Jan. 25, 2017, file photo, President Donald Trump uncaps a pen to sign an executive order for immigration actions to build a border wall during a visit to the Homeland Security Department in Washington. Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP

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When hearing of this incredulous news....and realizing I was having neither a psychotic episode nor a really bad dream....I turned to the "Doctor of Democracy" himself, Rush Limbaugh for some sort of explanation; perhaps a glimmer of hope or a slither of sunlight but alas, it was not there:  

"There’s nothing here that’s defensible, at least when it comes to the areas that we’ve talked about here: Funding [sanctuary] cities, funding Planned Parenthood. How in the world can anybody come to a Republican voter and say, “Hey, hey, hey, we got ’em right where we want ’em! Hey, hey, be patient we’re if we go to. Hey, hey!” There’s no way I don’t know how you would carry water for this. Not that I want to; don’t misunderstand. I’m just coming up with new ways to explain what a sellout, disaster, betrayal — whatever you want to call this — it is."

As the show went on simultaneous to the Sean Spicer press conference, the clouds opened and a gleam of light finally began to break thru as Rush gave his take on Spicer's:  

“In a president’s first year, the first nine months of that year are irrelevant in terms of the budget because it would have been done under the previous president’s watch, with a previous Congress. In this case, the previous budget was not complete. It was a series of CRs, and so we had to fund the government for the rest of this year. It was not considered important enough to go to the mat on because it’s not even our budget. Our budget starts with the next budget, which will be negotiated this fall, and the fiscal year begins October 1st.” Spicer was simply saying, “That’s when you’re gonna see Trump get in gear.”

Ahhhhhhhhh.....I feel comforted (sort of) because otherwise, this is a bloody mess.  -W.E. 

P.S.  These Omnibus spending packages are just ridiculous.  Drain the Congressional Swamp for crying out loud!


Congressional negotiators have come up with a $1.07 trillion plan to keep the government running through the end of September – but there’s a lot missing from the 1,665-page bill.
And much of it involves items that President Donald Trump promised during his campaign and the early days of his presidency.

Here’s a list of GOP-friendly issues missing from the spending bill. 

Border wall

The bill includes $1.5 billion for border security, but noticeably absent is any funding for a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, a major promise of the Trump administration to curb illegal immigration. Instead, the money will go toward enhanced technology and improving existing infrastructure.

Planned Parenthood

There are no cuts for Planned Parenthood, a target of abortion opponents and many Republicans for its provision of abortion services. Republicans have threatened to shut down the federal government in the past over Planned Parenthood funding.

Deportation forces

During the presidential campaign, Trump promised to build a “new special deportation task force” to remove millions of immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. No funding goes toward such a force. The bill does, however, fund 5,000 additional detention beds.

$18 billion cut in non-defense spending

There is no sign of massive non-defense spending cuts, another goal of the Trump administration. The Environmental Protection Agency maintains nearly 99 percent of its funding, $295 million goes toward Medicaid in Puerto Rico and $4.6 billion is set aside to permanently grant health benefits to 22,000 retired Appalachian coal miners.
In a March budget proposal, the Trump administration sought to cut EPA funding by $2.6 billion. It also aimed to decrease funding for the National Institutes of Health by $5.8 billion. Instead, NIH will receive a funding increase of $2 billion.

Sanctuary cities

So-called sanctuary cities — which limit cooperation with the federal government on immigration law in order to shelter immigrants here illegally — will not be deprived of federal funding. Trump has threatened to withhold funds from sanctuary cities in the past.


The bill does not roll back President Barack Obama’s easing of economic and trade restrictions with Cuba, a goal of some Republicans such as Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. It contains no language barring Americans from bringing home merchandise from Cuba or doing business with companies owned by Cuban officials or family members. Travel for educational purposes is also still allowed.
In February, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump would take a “full review” of U.S. foreign policy on Cuba.


The bill bars the Department of Justice from using funds to interfere with medical marijuana use in states where it is legal.
Operators of marijuana companies will still have to deal in cash, as lawmakers rejected a proposal that aimed to make it easier for cannabis shops to use banking services.

Rob Hotakainen contributed to this report.
Josh Magness: 202-383-6172, @josh_mag

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