"Covfefe" Mystery Solved! President Trump Wins Again!

A point well made.  Trump challenged people to find the meaning of the word "covfefe"...instead of doing their homework, the media simply mocked and ridiculed him.  But POTUS set them up, trolled the media perfectly, and has had the laugh last at their ignorance and blind hatred.    -W.E.


When President Trump tweeted the word "Covfefe," the world mocked him thinking he was "sleep texting" or just made a huge error. There were millions of memes made within hours of the tweet.

Sean Spicer addressed the "covfefe" mystery and said it was intentional. After doing some research and using Google Translate, we found "Cov fe'fe" in Arabic means "I will stand up."

When put into the context of the tweet, it makes total sense. "Despite the constant negative press, I will stand up."

Sorry libs, President Trump is a genius and wins again!

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