Watch This and You'll Notice Something Weird- JASON A. (2017-2018)

After 2000 years, Israel is miraculously back in her biblical land and has already drawn up plans to rebuild the prophesied third temple in Jerusalem.  Israel is surrounded by enemies. These prophecies cannot (intelligently) be denied. 

Technology has increased dramatically and the technology now exists, and only waits for implementation, that a person can not buy or sell without some sort of technology or "mark".

Continuing on the topic of technology, man has actually begun to edit the human genome with animals and/or other technologies.  Talk of super soldiers, super humans and dramatically increased life spans are common while the "singularity" is on the horizon. 

Perhaps the greatest scientific achievement ever created, CERN, wants to open a doorway or a gateway to another dimension. 

The Elite ferociously continue to draw up and execute plans for a one world government and economy. 

In some religious circles, there continues to be efforts to unite world religions into one for the sake of "peace".  Reminiscent of Revelation 20, beheadings are taking place world wide on some who don't call on the name of a false god as they steal peace from the earth.
In mainstream media and among secularists, the name that scripture declares is "above all names", the one to whom one day "every knee will bow" is worse than just a swear word, it is irrelevant and ignored by this world.  

Speaking of peace, never have we heard so much talk of "peace and security" as we have in recent days, weeks and months, exactly as 2 Thessalonians predicts.
Wars and rumors of wars, mass occult rituals, UFO's, record breaking weather anomalies and earthquakes are all now the norm.  Man's humanity against man is almost breathtaking in its depravity even while the whole world is teetering on the brink of self-annihilation and some of this seems to correlate perfectly with what the Lord Jesus called the "beginning of sorrows".

These are just some of the signs, like the days of Lot and like the Days of Noah to which we are eyewitnesses. 

Take heart, as ambassadors and pilgrims, this is not our homeland.

Our Lord and Savior of the world has admonished us, "take heed I have foretold you all things" and "when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

Jason A

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