Government Official Admits to FBI Coup Attempt on Trump

Most of us knew better than to think Obama's "fundamental transformation" would suddenly end when he left office. 

In fact, I for one wondered if he was going to leave office.  Well he left, but what he left behind, the legacy he built (on the shoulders of other embedded Marxists in our government going back decades) is on full display for all to see.  

More proof that the Deep State is not just powerful, but actively working to overthrow the will of the people through various means including:
  • Propaganda
  • Planting fake stories (leaks) for the media to report (part of the Deep State swamp) in order to sway popular opinion and to bring harm to the President
  • Continuous use of extreme bias and breathless panic in reporting to incite violence against Republicans in general, and the President in particular.   

When we see only one the right being prosecuted for months while the overwhelming evidence of criminal behavior against Hillary, Lynch, Obama and others gains no traction in the media or in the legal system we know that "selective prosecutions" and "selective reporting" is part and parcel of Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America....and their plot continues.


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