Drain the Swamp: Tillerson Says He, NOT Trump, Speaks For America

The Globalist Deep State or "shadow government" inside of D.C., and their propaganda arm we call the MSM, are using a strategy to bring division of Trump loyalists inside his administration making supporting their own President practically and act of valor. 

And valor seems to be hard to find with the exception of but a small few these days within Trump's own circle of advisors and Cabinet members.

The latest culprit, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, not only did not defend the President on national television when given the opportunity to do so, but rather openly distanced himself and this country from the President.

In the resignation of Steve Bannon and subsequently Sebastian Gorka, it becomes questionable if the President himself knows who to trust as they were both considered two of Trump's key allies inside the White House. Let us not forget that if the White House was a ship at sea, it would have sunk long ago from all of the leaks coming from within it.

In Sebastian Gorka's resignation letter to the President he wrote, "most embodied and represented the policies that will 'Make America Great Again,' have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months."

So the swamp continues to fight back and it is no small task to determine who constitutes swamp creatures and who really supports the President and his agenda.

It looks like mistakes have been made by the President in picking staff, though the the battle to who has the ear of  the President is far from over.
Now President Trump has found himself nearly friendless inside of his own administration.  

If not friendless, certainly without many defenders.  And to this point, not his own Secretary of State has the valor, the guts to stand up for the President.

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