Huge Wave of Conservatives and Independents Targeted by Censorship

As the close of the First Continental Congress, in leaving the building, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got a Republic or a Monarchy?”
Without hesitation, Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Of course, as they lie to us, they must censor us too.  They are in it to win it.  
It is really easy to see that America, land of the free, really isn't so free.  The media is the control mechanism of the Deep State who answers to the Elite with an end game to bring about the NWO.  They lie, murder, cover up, whitewash, conceal, steal and do the bidding of those who worship Lucifer.  "They" are monolithic. 
It's all there for anyone to research on their own and connect the dots.  
The bible prophesied a time when the world would be lead by an antichrist figure under a one world government...and the majority of the world will fall for his lies.  They will clamor for his Mark on their own bodies.  Because we are living in these prophetic times, the conditioning of all of this is evident today everywhere.  
Standing in the way of this evil plot is of course true Christianity, Capitalism and the U.S. Constitution which is why all three are constantly being attacked and undermined. They must be destroyed or at the very least compromised and watered down for the NWO to see its full, but short lived luster.  -W.E.


Throughtout social networking, conservatives and independents are being censored at unbelievable rates. Youtube, Facebook, and Google, in the name of social justice, say that much of conservative content is too extreme and controversial. What that really means is that it does not fall within the liberal agenda. These three social giants are controlling the narrative and muzzling the right from having any voice. They cannot handle the truth.

As Written By Ian Miles Cheong for the Daily Caller:

YouTube is now demonetizing videos from content creators deemed too controversial for the platform, and conservatives and independents are being heavily impacted.

The move follows YouTube’s announcement earlier in August to catch and flag “controversial religious and supremacist” content hosted on the popular video-hosting website. Political and social commentators on YouTube are feeling the hurt—and they believe that they may be on a blacklist for having the wrong opinions.

The Daily Caller previously spoke to several popular commentary YouTuberswho expressed skepticism of the system when the move was first announced last week.

Affected creators are unable to make money from their work, which is automatically flagged or vetted by volunteer “experts.” In addition, the new system incorporates “tougher standards” for controversial videos that do not break YouTube’s terms of service, which are placed in a purgatory state that effectively censors them from being recommended to YouTube viewers.

The Daily Caller spoke to conservative and independent YouTubers whose channels are now being affected by the new policy. Conservative journalist Lauren Southern believes there is a drive to stifle politically divergent voices.

“I think it would be insane to suggest there’s not an active effort to censor conservative and independent views,” said Southern. “Considering most of Silicon Valley participate in the censorship of alleged ‘hate speech,’ diversity hiring and inclusivity committees. Their entire model is based around a far left outline. There’s no merit hiring, there’s no support of free speech and there certainly is not an equal representation of political views at these companies.”

Independent journalist and activist Luke Rudkowski, who runs WeAreChange, told The Daily Caller that hundreds of his videos were demonetized in a single day on Thursday, effectively killing his ability to earn a living on YouTube.

“Having had 660 of my videos demonetized in one day left me a little stunned since this is the core for my income but left me with the impression that this ………


Conservatives Hit By Wave Of YouTube Censorsh | The Daily Caller

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