The Smear: Sharyl Attkisson Talks Fake News, Hidden Political Agendas

We don't we need much further clarification than what Sharyl Attkisson expounds on here as to the gross crimes perpetrated upon America, upon humanity, via corporate media conglomerates controlled by a ruling class Elite.

The hijacking of news and information is perhaps the greatest theft of our generation.  When they hijack the truth to control a narrative, as they have been doing for decades to some degree or another, this necessarily means they control how much of what the public thinks and therefore how the public acts.  And it isn't just in the evening news and big name newspapers. It's in your child's schoolbook and the local library.  It's in video games and children's TV programs.  It's in newspaper stand magazines and it's in TV commercials.  It's certainly online and sometimes in codified into law. It's in your face LOUD and other times it is still covert and subtle.   It is ubiquitous now, and only getting worse as we see the mind-numbed, mind controlled products of this type of brainwashing everyday.  -W.E.

"In the distorted world of the smear artist, things are very different. Up becomes down and down is up. It’s Alice in Wonderland and somewhere down the rabbit hole there’s a tea-sipping Mad Hatter stirring the pot." - Excerpt from "The Smear" by Sharyl Attkisson

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