FLASHBACK: McCain Campaigns on Repealing Obamacare

image: rollcall.com
Too many, not just McCain, pretend to be conservatives when in reality they are sell outs.  McCain, in failing health at 81, will never run for public office again. In all likelihood, his stance against the Graham/Cassidy Bill is an effort to "protect" many in the Senate that oppose it too but are too scared to stand up publicly and be forced to vote against it, knowing that would end their chances of re-election.

If Obamacare continues to be the law of the land, and if the Republicans and Democrats wind up putting together legislation that will "fix" Obamacare, you can bet that "fix" will move us ever closer to single payer, aka full-blown Socialism.  And then, 2018 will see a lot of RINO's ousted from Congress, or we should hope so anyway.   -W.E.

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