Idiots React to London Underground Attack (Video)

Islamic terror continues its murderous rampage across the globe in the name of their false god, where the name of their sick game is to kill as many people as possible, the crueler the better. 

Doing its part to fulfill the biblical prophecy of "nation shall rise against nation", North Korea continues to be a growing and imminent threat towards the start of WWIII, hoping to wreak havoc on the U.S., Japan, Guam and Lord knows who else, as they threaten to kill as many people as possible with nuclear devastation.

Texas, Florida and several other states are dealing with the death, destruction, and the aftermath of Hurricane's Harvey and Irma. 

Tonight in Ferguson, riots loom after a police officer is acquitted on charges of killing a black man.

And liberal snowflakes are worried to death about the appropriateness of Trump's tweets.

Coupled with a compulsive lying mainstream media, the inability of so many to think critically and only see the world's ills through the eyes of race and microaggressions has to be on the list of some of the most serious threats our nation, and many in the West face.   When we lose the ability to speak out and protect our very own lives and those of our countrymen because we are afraid to hurt the feelings of a few...this is a threat that should also be confronted.

That is if the Apocalypse doesn't begin first.   

Paul Joseph Watson

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