BUSTED: Anti-Trump Mayor Of San Juan Spent $20,000 In Public Funds To Bankroll Violent Protest


Carmen Yulin Cruz, the Trump-bashing, terrorist-supporting Mayor of San Juan, diverted $20,000 worth of government money to fund a violent protest against the establishment of a Federal Fiscal Board on June 25th, 2016, according to multiple local San Juan media reports.

A group named Call to Action on Puerto Rico, which is a union of Puerto Ricans living in the mainland United States, organized the demonstration and ordered its participants to adopt “rebellious and militant” behavior for the event, according to Caribbean Business. The protests descended on San Juan’s iconic Roberto Clemente Coliseum and demanded the US government halt its plan to create a federal financial control board for Puerto Rico.

Predictably, the protest quickly turned into a riot: local media reports at the time indicated it was marked by “aggressive” behavior and ended in fights.

In September of 2016, Cruz admitted that she and the San Juan People’s Assembly had financed the violent protest to the tune of $20,000, according to Tu Noticia Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican public officials and media alike were furious at the revelation.

Senator Itzamar Pena Ramirez denounced Mayor Cruz for misusing public funds and demanded she started respecting taxpayer money. Moreover, local San Juan television could hardly believe the city’s chief elected official had the audacity to spend her constituents’ money on violent protests:

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Cruz’s tenure as Mayor of San Juan has been plagued by widespread waste. For instance, this past December she paid her city government employees a staggering $9,634,913 in Christmas bonuses instead of investing in better infrastructure and/or hurricane readiness measures:

Numerous current and former Puerto Rican elected officials have accused Cruz of playing politics with Hurricane Maria relief as part of a greater liberal effort to smear President Donald Trump.

Former Puerto Rico Attoney General Jose Fuentes recently called Cruz a “political hack,” and Angel Perez, the current Mayor of nearby Guaynabo, blasted Cruz for skipping FEMA meetings so she can do cable television interviews.

Alarmingly, a Puerto Rican police officer recently called in to a New York City Hispanic language radio station and accused Cruz of deliberately withholding food and supplies as part of a publicity stunt, describing how “Carmen Yulin won’t move unless there is a camera behind her.”

At the time of the violent protest Cruz sponsored, Puerto Rico was saddled with enormous debt and plagued by gross financial mismanagement, as it often is. As a result, it was desperate for economic reform, and looking for solutions to its runaway spending problems.

President Obama ended up signing a Puerto Rico rescue bill four days after the Mayor’s violent protest, establishing the fiscal board and bailing out the island’s struggling economy. Despite receiving this massive slush fund from US taxpayers, Puerto Rico ended up throwing in the towel on May 3rd, 2017, filing for US Municipal Bankruptcy in an attempt to address its whopping $73 billion public debt.

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