Classic Judge Jeanine: Time to shut it down and lock her up


Perspective matters.   If you are an ex-American President, and your wife is Secretary of State and a "shoe-in" to be the next President, and you get $500,000 for a 20 minute speech in MOSCOW, at the same time your wife is negotiating away 20% of America's uranium reserves, it smells like you and your wife are selling out America.   If then your "foundation" just happens to receive about the same time say $145 million, give or take a million from a group tied back to Russia and uranium, we go from smelly to stinking to high heaven.

More perspective: If you don't care enough about National Security that you run America's secrets through your own private unsecured and un-encrypted server, then selling America's uranium to Putin doesn't bother you either it's just business, mafia style.

Plot twist:  Becoming the next President wasn't such a shoe-in.  Now there are a whole lot of messy tracks to try and cover up, and no lie is too big to tell if it means staying out of jail.

She has the right to a speedy trial.  Let's make that happen. For her an the whole cabal.  -W.E.


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