Creepy! First TV Commercial Shown after JFK

With some of the most startling revelations coming out of Trump's JFK file release, such as CIA plots to kill Cuban refugees (and others) and frame Castro, (see the CBS article: CIA Plotted To Kill Castro, Stage Bombings In Miami) our suspicions become that much more confirmed.
But that was 1960-ish.  How much more sophisticated has the Deep State become at the art of war?  How much further are they willing to do whatever it takes to advance their godless agenda? Their, New World Order? I think the answer is rather obvious in light of what they are trying to do today to oust another U.S. President, not by assassination (yet) this time, but just as sinister. 

Whether it's a plot to blow up buildings in order to justify wars, to stage or frame attacks by gunmen to advance a gun control agenda, to allow (or help install) a Manchurian Candidate in Barack Obama to take power, and even most recently the Mandalay Bay horror, the CIA and the FBI are experts at brutal deception and manipulation of the American people to a shocking degree.

So then, is this Psy-op then really all that hard to believe?

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