Pro-Life Miracle: Woman Who Took Abortion Pill Saves Her Baby Daughter's Life With Abortion Reversal Pill


There’s a fascinating pro-life story emanating from Massachusetts in which a single mother of three boys got pregnant, then decided to abort her fourth child by taking mifepristone pills to abort the child.

Regretting the decision, the woman, named Samantha, contacted the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline (877-558-0333) for help. Only hours later, after ingesting an emergency dose of progesterone, and later following a progesterone treatment plan, was the pregnancy saved.

As Jay Hobbs of notes, “ … the abortion lobby loudly derides the Abortion Pill Reversal as 'unproven' at best and 'junk science' at worst.”

Samantha had considered aborting the baby twice before; but before the first attempt she had visited the Abundant Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Attleboro, where she heard about Abortion Pill Reversal. Abundant Hope has been attacked by the pro-abortion Campaign for Accountability, which lodged a formal complaint with the state, charging Abundant Hope with deceiving women to convince them to give up aborting their children.

There were mystical signs pointing the way for Samantha; she canceled the first abortion appointment when she could not find childcare for her boys, and the second attempt was far more mystical. Sitting in the waiting room of an abortion business, she heard the nurse enter and call the name of another woman waiting for an abortion. However, as she sat in the waiting room, waiting for the staff to call her name, Samantha was shocked when the nurse came in and called for another woman: Giselle.

As Hobbs writes: “That was the name Samantha had picked out for her daughter, who she was just minutes away from aborting. ‘It was at that point, I felt like that was a sign of some sort, and I ended up just freaking out and leaving the appointment,’ Samantha said.”

Samantha credits Abundant Hope for her reversal, saying, “They gave me strength to not go through with that abortion — that horrifying thing that would have affected the rest of my life. It was just an ongoing struggle with what to do in my heart and my head. Abundant Hope has changed my life by being a good support system. When I don’t have anyone else to turn to, I give them a call — even if I just need to talk to them.”

Samantha Thorpe, client services coordinator at Abundant Hope, added, “It hasn’t been easy for her. She calls me regularly, and we talk about all of the progress she’s making in her life, as well as the steps she’s taking to make a good life for her children. We’re just being that support system for her in her pregnancy. We’re very excited to meet this little girl in December.”

Hobbs notes:

In the past three years, abortion proponents, including the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), have fought state-level efforts that would require abortion businesses to make women aware of the life-saving procedure. Meanwhile, left-wing media sources, including and The Washington Post, regularly denounce the Abortion Pill Reversal as “dangerous” “junk science,” despite the FDA’s longstanding approval of emergency progesterone treatments.

Most recently, Heartbeat International — an affiliation group to which Abundant Hope belongs — saw its status as a continuing education provider through the state of California threatened because it trains nurses and other medical professionals on the latest Abortion Pill Reversal information and developments.

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