Sutherland Springs Aftermath: Hostility Towards Faith

Sometimes it's hard to move past the latest news and onto the next story of killings, corruption, and warfare.

After Sunday's latest bloodbath of 26, (with two very young children still clinging to life) which of course was proceeded by 8 murdered in Manhattan, which was proceeded by 58 slaughtered in Vegas, can leave a person, a town, a nation, exceedingly sorrowful.

And well it should.

Lest we forget in the cacophony of voices that another 3 people were also gun-downed this past weekend in Chicago with 19 wounded, which has been Chicago's modus operandi for untold years.

Truly gut-wrenching stuff.

They say that the slaughter at the 1st Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs is on video.  Something police will have to watch, but I pray is never released to the public as entire families were murdered like sitting ducks.  Mom's and Dad's had to watch their children die, brothers and sisters as young as 18 months witnessed horror the likes of which most warriors don't ever see. The gruesomeness and savagery is beyond words.

And yet it happened; a radical and vocal atheist opened fire on those to whom he hated solely on the basis of their Christian faith.

In some sort of demonic plot twist, this occurred in the United States of America, a land whose very foundation is that of the Christian faith.

Imagine just for a moment, if a devout Christian from a local church, walked into a meeting of Atheists and mowed down 26 men, women and children while wounding a couple dozen more?  The outcry from the socialist media and the Democrats in Congress wouldn't just be gun control, it would be how can America protect itself from the dangerous weaponized Christians?  The only "safe" churches would become those regulated and sanctioned by the government if they had their way and only government sanctioned church members could own guns.

A big story, that is never reported is how many atheists and secularists alike, have taken a tone against Christians in America that is a hate-filled mockery of our faith.  It's not hard to find it online I assure you.  Here is a blasphemous and highly offensive example with 6 million views, but literally the anti-Christian rhetoric is everywhere :

In about 50 years, we have witnessed a systematic and incremental public and governmental attack against Christianity from taking prayer out of schools, to being told that a coach can't lead his team in a prayer, to taking down crosses on public lands all across America, to Christian institutions like marriage put under attack, to the faithful being publicly mocked and scorned, to churchgoers being murdered in their houses of worship.  And killing Christians in a church is not a new thing by the way, or even that rare.

Congressmen want "action" (which means make guns inaccessible to law abiding citizens who want to defend themselves) to stop the murders, not prayer as if the two are mutually exclusive.

The media mostly fails to explain when they make their calls for more gun control, that a man with a gun, a Christian not an atheist, stopped the shooter and saved countless lives:

In closing, I thought Laura Ingraham's piece last night on the very subject of "hostility to faith" said it best:

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