WaPo Nat'l Security Reporter: Russia Story “f***ing crap shoot…Maybe it doesn’t exist.”

image: thelastamericanvagabond.com
The Washington Post, more than any other newspaper,has been crying "Russian collusion" for at least a year and is largely responsible for pushing that narrative with no real evidence. Finally and convincingly through undercover reporting, we see that they don't even believe their own narrative.
If there was real journalism from the establishment media, this would be everyone's lead story for days.  -W.E.


In this all-new Project Veritas video, two Washington Post employees are caught on hidden camera expressing their biases and acknowledging that the Trump-Russia collusion ["maybe it doesn't exist"]. O'Keefe also takes a swing at The Washington Post, saying "The media wants me to kneel down and apologize. I will not."

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