COURT RECORDS: Fusion GPS Paid Media Companies As Well As Journalists


Fusion GPS, the Paul Singer-linked opposition research group behind the infamous phony Trump dossier, made payments to media companies as well as individual journalists, according to federal court documents.

On January 4th, Judge Richard J. Leon of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the House Intelligence Committee is entitled to the firm’s bank records. Judge Leon firmly rejected Fusion GPS’s lawyers’ argument that “the request for records of transactions between Fusion and certain media companies, journalists, and other businesses are ‘not pertinent.'”:


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The ruling is a big win for the House panel, which has long been frustrated over the firm’s alleged stonewalling. As The Federalist recently noted, “The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has spent much of the previous year fighting Fusion for access to basic records tied to the investigation.”

Last November, federal court documents confirmed Fusion GPS paid three different journalists from June of 2016 to February 2017. The revelation that Fusion GPS paid media companies as well raises the possibility of a separate scandal concerning unethical journalism practices.

Both Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC hired Fusion GPS for its opposition research services during the 2016 campaign.
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