Pregnant from rape - Jennifer shares her powerful story

Live Action

Raped on a business trip, Jennifer soon found out she was pregnant. But abortion was never a thought for her and her husband. This is her incredible story. 

Sometimes people believe that abortion is necessary for cases in which a woman becomes pregnant from rape. Let's be clear: Any woman who has been raped has unquestionably suffered a horrific violence and injustice. She needs help, healing, and the support of her community. The rapist should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, and in many cases, our laws must be improved to more fully protect women and girls from their attackers.

But abortion does nothing to give the woman the healing that she needs and deserves.

Abortion does not erase the rape or undo the violence that has been committed on the woman.
Instead, abortion subjects this woman – and now, her child – to yet another act of violence that also cannot be erased or undone. As many rape survivors have poignantly testified, abortion is actually an obstacle to healing after rape. Abortion adds trauma to trauma, and it creates another innocent victim, although this one will not survive. It is never fair or just to punish an innocent child with what amounts to the death penalty because her father committed a heinous crime.

We do not even sentence the rapist to death. Yet by aborting a child conceived in rape, we treat her with less rights than we give to rapists. We consider her life as less valuable than the rapist’s.

As human beings, we are more than how we were conceived. We had no power over that moment, and our value – or our inherent right to live -- is not based on it.

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