Dam Begins to Break Against Democrat-Deep State Coup

Are the Democrats and their coup against this nation finally being exposed?

It is hard to say for sure, but the momentum certainly is gathering.

Over the past few days, more has been exposed than over the last year. If you are trying to keep up with all things related to the Democrat/Deep-State coup in the last 48 hours below are 12 stories, starting with last night's Hannity.  Even that is almost old news. 

Everthing we thought was true, is now being confirmed.  The MSM is silent on these matters.  But we have to believe behind the scenes, they too, like Obama, Hillary and ALL the kings men (and women) in the Deep-State.....have knocking knees and sleepless nights...even as they continue to plot their cover-up and Trump's impeachment.  And I would guess, they are all using untraceable phones to hide their text messages to each other these days. -W.E.

FBI 'Lovers' New Texts Expose Obama Complicity: He "Wants To Know Everything We're Doing"

SARA CARTER: Deep State is “Terrified” of the Second Anti-Trump Dossier that’s Coming Out

Referral Suggests Clinton Friends Were “Feeding” British Spy Information

Half the country no longer believes these self-appointed Elitists

Poll: Trump Job Approval Hits 46%, Only 38% Believe Russia Probe ‘Handled Fairly’

New Strzok-Page texts call into question Obama's 2016 statement on FBI probes

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